10 Architects Smashing It on Social Media

Architecture is everywhere, literally! It surrounds us in our day-to-day lives, from cool buildings down side streets to those famous structures we instantly recognise.

As social media continues to take the world by storm, inspiration can be found around every corner - especially in the world of architectural design. Architects are skilled at combining functionality with art, and with that in mind we’ve spotted a few social accounts that we think are doing a pretty good job at showcasing their amazingly beautiful work.

So let’s go, here are our top 10...

Instagram: @johnpawson

John Pawson is a British architect with a famous minimalist style. He has a firm of the same name, founded in 1981. We love his unique Insta feed – he doesn’t add captions, leaving his followers to guess the context of his posts.

Not only does this help him to stand out from the crowd, but it adds an element of mystery to entice his audience. Clever! He likes to post scenic landscapes and architectural details and we think they’re so satisfying to look at!

Twitter: @ArchitectMM

@ArchitectMM is the Twitter account of Marcia McKeel, an architect, designer, entrepreneur and the founder of Studio MM, an architecture firm based in New York City.

She shares amazing photos of her firm’s projects, along with buildings and designs she enjoys. We really appreciate how visual her feed is! It’s so eye-catching as well as giving followers a bit of insight into their design decisions.

The #HouseoftheDay posts regularly shared on the account are also a great way of spreading beautiful architectural work for people to enjoy, and for her own firm to engage with smaller architectural firms. 

Instagram: @studiosaxe

Next on the list is Studio Saxe’s Insta feed. Okay, we have to admit, this account is making us a little jealous – it’s not quite the same climate here in Newcastle!  They’re an architectural company based in Costa Rica and their team of local architects help them to combine local knowledge with modern design to create beautiful tropical buildings, full of light.

Their approach is nature-led which means they minimise resource use through clever design to suit the environment they’re working in. We love the bright and airy feel of their feed – it makes us feel like we’re there enjoying the beautiful architecture with them!

Instagram: @OFIS_architects

OFIS Architects is an international architecture firm based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was formed by Rok Oman and Spela Videcnik in the ‘90s and they use their Insta platform to showcase their projects - often Alpine cabins in remote mountain locations.

They’ve also been known to undertake some larger projects too, including the Football Stadium Arena in Borisov, Belarus, pictured below. We just love the sleek modernity of their work!

Instagram: @fosterandpartners

Foster + Partners is a British firm with studios around the world for architecture, urbanism and design. It was founded by Norman Foster in 1967 and has a proud focus on sustainability. We’re appreciating the bursts of colour of their feed alongside the striking, modern buildings.

Instagram: @wendellburnettarchitects

Wendell Burnette Architects is based in Pheonix, Arizona, but is internationally recognised. They undertake a range of projects, both private and public.

Their focus centres around space and light, context and place and the environment we live in. We think their feed is immaculate and can’t help but appreciate the consistent and impactful theme running through their grid. 

Instagram: @og_architect

This stunning feed showcases the work of Omar Gandhi and his team. His firm of the same name has become a leader in the field and is recognised for its innovative, minimalist style. The firm is very conscious of environments they’re working in and aim for their architecture to enhance that environment, not destroy it.

We love the striking images combined with the more personal touches in this feed giving an extra insight into the vibe of the company.

Twitter: @leecalisti

Lee Calisti is the Principal of lee CALISTI architecture+design, an architectural firm founded in 2003. The firm focuses on smaller, more complex projects with a real attention to detail.

We love the relevant content, often opinion-based, with a humorous spin that makes it easy to read. And the original photos and commentary on his projects are also super interesting snippets. Our favourite tweets from Lee are the images of corners – a nice bit of symmetry is always very pleasing on the eye! 

Instagram: @nicholas_szc

Nicholas Szczepaniak is an architect with his own London-based firm, Nicholas Szczepaniak Architects. He’s known for his bold elegance and luxurious design.

We think the mixture of photographs and graphics works really well on his feed to showcase his minimalist, yet bold style of work. Not to mention, his well thought-out arrangement of them on the grid. 

LinkedIn: Make Architects

Make is an international architecture practice, founded in 2004. They work across a range of sectors to provide design-led solutions.

We love their LinkedIn profile because they use a range of content types – videos, photographs, blogs, links, etc. We get a true insight into the company, handy tips and hints, all whilst still being able to enjoy the attraction of their work. 

Build your portfolio on social 

As we've seen, Architects utilising social are successfully showcasing their work, increasing brand awareness and getting their portfolio in front of potential clients. If you want to start smashing it with your own social presence, get in touch with us for a chat.