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Fresh Picks August: Mascots and McDonalds

12th September 2022


This month we’re covering a memorable mascot and the latest campaign for McDonalds. Along with AI film posters and a historic campaign that’s had a lasting impression. Read on to find out more!

Gemma’s Pick: International Women’s Day, J. Walter Thompson

My fresh pick this month is an old one but a good’un…

In 2017, on International Women’s Day, J. Walter Thompson London created a provocative campaign using clever word play to emphasise just how offensive the world can seem with 25% missing to create awareness and start a conversation about how women are paid on average 25% less than men.

They created posters, stickers and even T-shirts to get the message across. Speaking about the campaign, Rachel Pashley, from J. Walter Thompson, explained how “the strength of the idea is that your brain or unconscious bias is hardwired to ‘autocomplete’ an offensive meaning, but on closer inspection the real meaning emerges.

Laura’s Pick: 50 Years of the Andrex Puppy

A few articles about the Andrex puppy caught my eye in August. 2022 marks 50 years since the golden lab first made an appearance on our TV screens. It was interesting to learn that this recognisable mascot, which is a metaphor for Andrex products, was a last-minute decision.

The original advert was set to feature a young girl, running through her home, trailing a roll of toilet paper. It was banned due to concerns over encouraging wastefulness. The puppy was introduced as a last-minute solution and has featured in adverts ever since!

Many brands worry about the use of mascots and characters as they can sometimes be gimmicky. Andrex however, made a decision that would shape their advertising campaigns for half a century and beyond.

Georgie’s Pick: McDonalds Newest Campaign

Something that caught my eye this August was McDonald’s new campaign which involves cropping its iconic golden arches to create directional billboards. I think it’s really creative and so identifiable to the brand. The copy is simple and effective with a “less is more” approach.

Obviously, McDonald’s is such a famous franchise they don’t even need to advertise their product. Their iconic logo and colours mean that even without putting their name or logo on the ad, you still know who it is. It’s un-mistakenly McDonald’s and to be honest, I’m lovin’ it!

Chris’ Pick: Robomojo reimagines blockbuster film posters through the eyes of AI

We all love a well thought out film poster, and we all have a favourite that springs to mind. Whether it’s from our favourite film or the poster has adorned our walls at some point in our lives, film posters have their own cult following and sometimes even more than the films they advertise.

So what happens when we ask a range of AI systems to create them for us? Robomojo shows us just that, the results are a mixture of funny, terrifying and strangely fascinating.