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Fresh Picks May: Concept Design and Football on an Incline

26th May 2022


In this month’s Fresh Picks, we’ve noticed some really brilliant rebranding, clever campaigns and boredom busters. Read on to find out more!

Dan’s Pick – Koko’s Brand Refresh

After being closed for several years, iconic music venue Koko in Camden recently reopened its doors, with a full brand refresh. Dixon Baxi were tasked with creating a flexible identity. The brand also includes a range of sub-brands, each one representing a different experience inside the venue – such as Koko Shop and Koko Radio – while reflecting the unique character of each sub-brand typographically.

The brand pack includes an iconography set, and a strong limited colour palette, with a clean and bold typographic approach.

Matt’s Pick – Puma’s ‘Unlevel Playing Field’

Puma’s latest campaign “Joga Na Subida” aims to tackle the sexism, marginalisation and pay disparity that Brazilian female footballers are faced with, when compared to their male counterparts.
In Brazil, only 1% of the professional football revenue is allocated to support female players, with the remaining 99% going towards male footballers. To visualise the uphill battle that every single female player faces, Puma built a literal uphill 5-a-side football pitch, and invited some amateur male athletes to try and deal with the struggle.
You can watch the 1 minute ad here

Chris’ Pick – Tomorrow Bureau designs a fictional car inspired by Formula One

For the past two years, Tomorrow Bureau has been on a speculative design project, they have explored the design languages and aesthetics from the world of Formula One.

The self-initiated projected included designing a car from the ground up, branding of manufacturers, sponsors and team, helmet designs and even the race tracks themselves. But Tomorrow Bureau didn’t stop there, they not only created the drivers but gave each one a narrative a full back story.

View the full project here

Laura’s Pick – Mailchimp’s Self-care games

Mailchimp has historically featured in our picks, their content is always very eye-catching, fun and engaging! We use the platform quite regularly, so we often spot new updates. One thing I did spot recently was a link to a new game they’d developed, Dumpling Delivery.

The game link appeared once I’d finished scheduling a campaign, with a short message encouraging me to take a break and unwind! On further research I discovered that Mailchimp has a whole dedicated games section on their site.

What I like most about the Mailchimp game section (other than the games themselves) is the fact they’re flagged as “self-care” with a short message “Our small business customers spend every day working hard to make their dreams come true. They deserve a break. So do you, come to think of it. These games are perfect for that”.

Video games often receive criticism and a bad reputation for being distracting and time-consuming, but I actually find they’re a welcome escape, they help me unwind and I’m glad to see Mailchimp presenting them in this light. The whole page and games are also a fun reminder that we should pause each day and take a break.

Give yourself 15 mins and go check them out!

Gemma’s Pick – Heinz’s Draw Ketchup Campaign

Heinz was starting to see brand affinity scores decline as competitors stole share. The objective was to re-ignite an emotional connection with Heinz in a culturally relevant way to bolster consumer loyalty. They anonymously asked people all over the world to simply “draw ketchup”. There were a wide variety of drawings, with quality ranging, but they all had one thing in common: they drew Heinz.

They have then included some of the best (or worst) drawings in a video that’s circulating online, as well as in their latest marketing campaign.