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Inspiring Campaigns: Art for the Street and Finding Places to Meet

15th July 2020


We're back with another instalment of our 'Fresh Picks' blog series. This time, the six of us have come together to tell you all about some inspiring campaigns we've spotted in the past month or so.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Ellen: Once Appon a Time

Luli Kibudi is a Barcelona-based graphic designer who’s recent project ‘Once Appon a Time’ caught my eye so I had to share.

The project is a series of apps reimagined as what they might have looked like had they come out in the age of their technological predecessors. Luli calles it ‘A project where modern meets retro.’

In the designs, Netflix becomes a video cassette, iCloud a floppy disc and Pinterest a cork pin board. There are some other reimagined apps in the series too.


I just thought it was very clever and I love the simple but effective designs, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

You can check out more of Luli’s work including the full Once Appon a Time project on Behance.

Jai: LEGO Art

From this summer lovers of LEGO will be able to buy a series of wall art sets to build and display in their home. LEGO Art comes with multi coloured tiles which allow you to create a mosaic of your choosing. The sets available feature The Beatles, Andy Warhol’s screen print of Marilyn Monroe, as well as iconic Marvel and Star Wars characters.

What sets LEGO Art apart from previous concepts is that it is specifically aimed towards giving adults an opportunity to relax and unwind, whilst also getting creative. Like traditional LEGO building the design is not completely rigid and can be altered in various ways. Unique to each of the 4 sets is a signature tile as well as a different soundtrack designed to be the ideal building companion.

Personally I think that this is a great idea from LEGO and the diversity of sets available means it will appeal to film, music and art fans alike. I particularly like the fact that it is designed to encourage people to express themselves and I would definitely enjoy spending an afternoon building one of these pieces of art.

Henry: Neverspoons

Wetherspoons are always grabbing the headlines, but how they treated their staff during lockdown has attracted particular attention. Instead of supporting their people during the pandemic, they instead suggested that they “get jobs in Tesco” – how awful, ey!?

Regardless of all of that, we know how important our local independents are. For me not going to the pub with my pals has been one of the biggest downsides of lockdown, but now that’s easing (wether you agree or not!) it’s the perfect time for a new app to emerge!

Neverspoons is a handy little app that points out local independent pubs and bars nearby so you never have to go in a Wetherspoons again! In my opinion, the perfect combination of using technology to do some good in the world. Check out the app, and download it yourself here.


Dan: Love Hope & Joy

Anthony Burrill is known for his bold typographic work, and his latest piece can help brighten up London’s Covent Garden in these difficult times.

I love the bright vivid colours and typography in this piece, which can hopefully help spread a bit of hope to Londoners.

The artwork is a four-storey typographic installation, which was commissioned by Covent Garden as part of a wider programme of work aimed at welcoming back visitors to the city, whilst thanking the NHS. You can see more of Anthony’s work here.

Erin: The Nationwide Degree Show

With students now currently completing courses remotely, those who were destined to graduate this year have faced various challenges such as completing final projects away from University, missing out on graduation ceremonies and celebrations and probably most impactful for those in the design industry, degree shows.

Degree shows and end-of-year exhibitions can be the chance to get your portfolio spotted by the right person, as well as possibly leading to internships and job offers, however this year all degree shows are heading online.

My pick this month is the Nationwide Degree Show – the largest online collection of portfolio pieces from 2020 graduates, created by Fresh Meet. The site includes a plethora of students from a range of creative courses – as well as this; the work has also been shown on billboards around the UK during the pandemic, allowing students to have their best work on display in a physical setting.

I find it so inspiring to browse the different works coming from universities all over the country. The work on show is incredibly thought through, and students have clearly made the most of the opportunity.

Some standout portfolios on the site were:
Claudia Aggett
Holly Moxham
Lauren McLardy

Katie: Celebrating Simple Greatness

Heinz is one of the most famous brands in the world, and also one of my fave food manufacturers. You just can’t beat Heinz Tomato Ketchup! And despite being 151 years old, they only recently took on their first masterbrand refresh.

The Heinz brand has grown and diversified into so many different markets and categories since it was established back in 1986, and moulded its look a little to reflect each one. So, to unify the brand into one big family, international design consultancy, Jones Knowles Ritchie, subtly updated their logo, visual identity, packaging and touchpoints.


Heinz already had a strong personality, but according to JKR’s Creative Director, Stephen McDavid, they were keen to address the idea that nobody could really pinpoint what Heinz stood for. That’s when the idea of ‘celebrating simple greatness’ was born.

To represent this ‘simple greatness’, JKR altered the shape of the keystone to be more consistent, ensuring the same number of lines and weighting each time it’s used. They also established a clear family of fonts for Heinz, and championed their own bespoke font that had previously been reserved for ‘classic’ products. Plus, the iconic label was brought to the forefront.

Beyond these tweaks to the more physical elements of the brand, to make sure none of the products lost their charm, JRK created a ‘personality scale’ with 5 personalities for Heinz products to fit into. They range from a ‘witty’ tone of voice for Heinz Baked Beans, to a more ‘discerning’ tone for Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

I think the changes to the Heinz brand look awesome. And they couldn’t have come at a better time for them as people stocked-up during more limited shopping trips in lockdown. Not to mention, it goes to show that having a unified brand is so important, no matter how big or successful your company is already.

And that’s everyone!

We’ll be back next month to share more of our Fresh Picks. But until then, we’d love to see any inspiring campaigns or other cool stuff you’ve spotted recently. Please send it over!