Quirky Marketing Campaigns: More of Our Favourites

This blog’s another joint effort from our entire team, including our newest recruit – the lovely Erin!

We’re excited to have welcomed Erin onto the team as she joins Dan on the Graphic Design side of things, but there’s more to come on that story in due course, so make sure you keep an eye on our blog and social channels!

For now, we’ve each written about something cool that’s caught our eye in the last month or so. We hope you find them as entertaining as we did!


War Child protects, educates and stands up for the rights of children caught up in conflict. They’ve teamed up with the BRITs Week to see some of the biggest artists perform to raise money for children affected by conflict.

I love this striking illustrated animation they’ve created for the campaign. The ‘hand drawn’ characters coupled with the powerful voiceover has real impact.


This Italian Out of Home billboard from Coca Cola really makes the invisible, visible.

It goes to show just how iconic the Coca Cola bottle has come to be, with our brains needing so little help in identifying it. Really, the billboard is just a logo and a title, but it’s not hard to recognise it as a Coca Cola bottle, thanks to the placement.

I love this campaign – it’s a simple but very clever piece of design!


Local favourites, Warm Digits, are back with a new album later this year, released on one of my favourite record labels Memphis Industries (Field Music, Dutch Uncles etc) and they’ve released a new song in advance of this.

‘The View From Nowhere’ has been released with a great short film, which is a collaboration by illustrator Josie Brookes and Animator Tom Madge of AnimateCity.

The finished video was created using 2D stop-motion animation with Emma Pollock’s performance cut from printed film stills. I love the cut-and-paste style and the use of geometric prints in this. You can find out more about the illustrator here.


In a reaction to a £13.5 million loss as a result of falling sales of pre-wrapped bread, Warbutons partnered with sustainable brewer, Toast Ale, to create a left-over crumpet IPA.

The crumpets are toasted and used in place of malted barley to create the limited edition beer. I love this method of diversifying in response to falling sales as well as tackling a huge issue such as food waste.

According to the BBC’s ‘Inside the Factory’ programme, an estimated 24 million slices of bread are thrown away every day in Britain, a staggering amount of food which could easily be used elsewhere.

As well as crumpets, beer has been brewed from other surplus products, such as Kellogg’s cornflakes and leftover M&S sandwich bread.


Some might call it ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ but I really loved Apple’s campaign for International Women’s Day this year.

The advert caught my eye, so much so that I looked up the campaign after I’d seen it. I learned that Apple had dedicated its homepage to International Women’s Day too, celebrating “women who are changing everything”.

The campaign featured Mala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist and Nobel peace prize laureate who began fighting for human rights as a child after local Taliban banned girls in her area from going to school.

Apple Music was also part of the campaign, with a playlist curated by Lady Gaga called “Women of Choice.”

What I enjoyed about Apple’s efforts is the fact that they used all their platforms and influence to spread the message of what the day is all about. Of course, it also acted as a big push to sell more products but isn’t that what marketing boils down to anyway?

And that’s everyone… for now! Don’t forget to check back next month for more cool stuff worth sharing!

*Header image credit: ToastAle