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Our Fave Working From Home Video Call Fails

7th April 2020


Juggling the distractions of working from home can be tricky, especially when you have unexpected attendees on your video calls!

Thanks to the increase in virtual meetings lately, funny video call fails have been popping up here there and everywhere.

We’ve taken great pleasure in compiling our favourites for a bit of light relief!

Number 1: The Famous BBC News Interview

We just have to start off with this classic…


Everyone remembers this one from a while back when Professor Robert Kelly was interviewed by the BBC. His children popped up in the background swiftly followed by his partner who came to retrieve them.

After the video went viral the family were interviewed again by the BBC… the whole family were invited this time though!


Number 2: A Wardrobe Mix-Up


We literally can’t stop watching this one! It seems the lady in this clip has forgotten to inform her partner about her video call, leading to chaos when he realises.

Number 3: Zoom Call Slip-Up


Oh dear… It looks like Jennifer forgot the camera tends to work both ways on a video conference call!

Number 4: Pesky Pet


Our pets don’t seem to be quite used to having us around all the time either… This cat decided the best time to make an entrance through the window was as his owner was filming a video update for his team. Brilliant.

Number 5: An Unwanted Visitor

This one’s self-inflicted, but entertaining none-the-less.

This guy’s created a Zoom background of him accidentally walking in on himself during a Zoom meeting. Perhaps he has a little too much time on his hands?

Have you seen any other WFH video call fails? Or have you managed to catch any of your own on camera? We’d love to see them!