Acorn Wellbeing

our role

Brand identity, content creation, marketing strategy, bespoke web development.

the challenge

Acorn Wellbeing are developing a new app which aims to revolutionise the way patients manage their medication. Their team came to us with their initial plans for the app, with the need to create a brand identity and stylish website that would attract people to the app, and encourage investment to help develop it.

the solution

Our main aim was to create a memorable, trustworthy brand, with a stylish website that would encourage Acorn’s target customers to engage with the app. We looked into Acorn’s customer profiles, vision for the company and brand values to create a brand that represented all of these things. This was used to create the website design, full brand guidelines and a launch marketing budget and strategy for the team to take forward to potential investors.

brand & strategy

a trustworthy brand

Acorn is ultimately a medication management platform, but their main emphasis is on helping patients to have a better quality of life. This was super important when creating the brand look and feel, as we didn’t want them to come across as an overly ‘clinical’ company. We carefully chose colours that would reflect the focus on health and wellbeing without looking like a pharmacy, and used the Acorn icon within the logo for something a little different.

spreading the message

We created full branding guidelines so that the team can be sure that their logo, colours and messaging is used consistently across online and offline channels. To communicate Acorn’s vision in a compelling way, we’ve also designed a suite of print and digital collateral (pitch presentation templates, business cards etc.). Getting the message out there is the next stage for the team so we’ve worked with them to create a marketing strategy and budget to take to potential investors.

brochure website

slick, modern design

Acorn’s new website reflects the fact that they’re a company using tech to revolutionise the way patients connect with their pharmacy and their peers. We’ve created a slick and modern site, with UX animations presenting information in an engaging way, and giving site visitors a great experience. The home page includes a product tour of the app so that patients know what they can expect when they use it. 

built to last

The blog function means that the Acorn team have a place to share their expertise in the health and wellbeing sector in the upcoming weeks, months and years. The app isn’t quite live yet, so the website is currently acting as a solid foundation as the app’s development progresses.