fine art wedding films

our role

Website design and development

the challenge

Creative couple Matthew and Charlie came to us with a request for a shiny new website for their new artistic venture, Fine Art Wedding Films. They already had a logo and their first film under their belts, so needed a site to bring it all together and showcase their stunning 4K masterpieces.

the solution

As soon as Matthew and Charlie showed us their first wedding film we knew this website had to be about the visuals and the visuals alone. They’d had the idea of using short films for most of the content across the site, not just on their portfolio pages, so the design was formulated with this in mind.

luxury design

impactful design

We wanted to build the site so that it was impossible to miss the quality of the films that Matthew and Charlie produce. A full-screen looping header was used on the homepage to create the initial impact, and we ensured that the design elements across the site remained relatively simple to keep the focus on the high quality images and film examples used on various pages.

quality feel

Their films are aimed at the higher-end of the wedding market and the website follows suit. Clean type, elegant animations and the beautiful cinematography and photography add richness to the website to give it that quality feel.

bespoke build

wordpress cms

We built a bespoke theme for the website which allows Matthew and Charlie to easily manage the website in-house. They can add / modify pages and videos in the built-for-purpose admin panel.

personal portfolio

We created elegant highly personalised portfolio pages for their completed videos. Each show off the details of the wedding, the beautiful 4k video and stills of the happy couple. Our intention was to create a page that couple felt 'belonged' to them, which they could then share on social media with their friends and family.

"In a nutshell we are thrilled! Thanks again for sharing your expertise with us! Feels very exciting now!"

Charlie Palmer, Fine Art Wedding Films