harry johnson

our role

Web development, wordpress cms, web hosting and support

the challenge

Harry Johnson is a professional photographer based in the North-West. Harry approached us to create a new website to showcase his amazing portfolio, with the caveat that it needed to be fast-loading despite the high number of images he wanted to display on the site.

the solution

We produced an elegant and speedy fast website in Wordpress that shows off his fantastic photography.

gallery website

beautiful gallery website

The homepage consists of a modern full-screen, photo slider, each slide containing a different themes of his work. We employed some clever technology so the website loads quickly, and photos progressively download and improve gracefully as the website continues to load. The result, no long loading times or buffering screens. To provide the best browsing experience we have few different ways to view the photos on the site; a masonry-style thumbnail view allows the user to quickly browse through the work, whereas the carousel and full-screen views provide a detailed view of the photography.

technical spec

One extra nice touch, is a "details" toggle, where you can view meta information such as the camera used, shutter speed, ISO and aperture. The website is built on the Wordpress CMS, so it's very easy for Harry to edit any of the pages and of course add new photos to the portfolio.

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