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5 Brands That Smashed Their Marketing In 2022

We’ve picked the top 5 campaigns that made us look twice throughout the year.

2022 has been a weird old year, hasn’t it? Another one where if you’d come to us is January and told us what was about to happen, we’d have asked, ‘are you sure about that?’. Something good that has come out of the last 12 months, though, are some smashing marketing campaigns. From Ryanair’s Gen Z approach on social media to Women’s Aid’s impactful campaign against domestic violence during the World Cup. We’ve picked the top 5 campaigns that made us look twice.

CPB London – Imagine

CPB London launched a fantastic campaign to mark International Women’s Day, exploring the theme of breaking the bias. The campaign, titled ‘Imagine’, was a series of thought-provoking statements on posters, encouraging the viewer to check their own unconscious biases on roles in the workplace.

5 Brands That Smashed Their Marketing in 2022

CPB said that the campaign was inspired by a UK study that discovered 39% of children surveyed believed that women (‘mummies’) should do most of the housework and take care of the children while men (‘daddies’) should go out and work.

This campaign worked so well because everyone could engage with it. It’s something you could read in your head; no matter if you think you’re progressive or free of gender bias, it could catch you out. It really made you think and was powerful, bold and compelling.

Ryanair’s Twitter strategy

In 2022, Ryanair’s Twitter following grew massively, in fact, they smashed it across all of their social channels.

Their off-the-cuff social posts appeal to their young target demographic (18 – 25). With risky tongue-in-cheek memes and sassy replies, their new social strategy has gone down a storm (most of the time).

Their strong online brand image has progressed a lot this year by:

  • Reacting quickly to social and viral trends (e.g. posting memes)
  • Posting creative content that oozes personality
  • Engaging with other accounts with the same humorous tone to increase their reach
  • Creating relatable posts to promote sharing

Although it hasn’t all been welcomed with open arms as there have been some occasions where they totally missed the mark. Most recently, for trolling footballer Jadon Sancho for not being picked for the World Cup line up. It’s a reminder that you can’t get it right all the time. Also, why not just be nice?

Whatever your views on Ryanair, they remain Europe’s largest airline, so they must be doing something right.

Women’s Aid – He’s coming home

Women’s Aid collaborated with Corbin Shaw and launched a new campaign for the start of the 2022 men’s World Cup. The campaign is titled ‘He’s Coming Home’ and aimed to fight and raise awareness of football-related domestic abuse.

According to their figures, when a team loses a game, domestic violence incidents increase by 38%, and still as much as 26% when they win. Farah Nazeer, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid said: “while domestic abuse isn’t caused by football, we know existing abuse can become more severe or frequent during big tournaments.”

It’s a powerful campaign that coincides with the controversies surrounding the host nation, Qatar, and its atrocious human rights record. This one has been a big success, with many sharing the campaign’s message on social media, including celebrities.

5 Brands That Smashed Their Marketing in 2022

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is a huge campaign from the streaming giant that always goes down well across the board. Although it’s not a new campaign, it delivers every year. They take all the streaming data from their users throughout the year and wrap it up into personalised, shareable content bites that people go mad for (including our team!). They’ve managed to take ‘we’ve been tracking you’, and repackaged it nicely into something consumers love (and don’t find creepy at all).

5 Brands That Smashed Their Marketing in 2022

Its popularity has led to other businesses jumping on the bandwagon, including other streaming platforms such as Deezer and YouTube. And it isn’t just music streaming giants that are doing this, we’re sure you’ve seen that LinkedIn is full of companies doing their own.

Corona’s Natural Billboard

The beer brand, Corona, had a very creative approach for its billboard campaign in Brighton.

5 Brands That Smashed Their Marketing in 2022

The natural billboard used sunrays through leaves to create a shadow revealing the iconic bottle. The tagline, “Made from the Natural World” says it all really.

This clever approach to marketing is simple yet so effective, as it certainly gets across the message instantly. The trend of using natural elements in marketing is becoming more mainstream as the BBC used a similar marketing approach to advertise their Dracula series.

We look forward to seeing more things like this in 2023!

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