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Behind the scenes: Marketing tools we couldn’t live without

23rd December 2021

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There are so many great marketing tools out there that can make your life so much easier.

We know there’s a lot to choose from, so to save you having to go through the trial-and-error process, we’re sharing some of our current favourites.

Some of these we use daily, others a few times a month – but they each have their advantages, and don’t have to be used solely for marketing purposes either.


We all make the odd typo, but they can sometimes go undetected due to not being highlighted clearly.

It’s also really easy to miss a typo if you’ve been writing and reading something for an extended period of time!

Grammarly clearly flags errors and allows you to review them as you write, helpful whether you’re writing a blog, email, or social media post. It’s available as an extension to your browser or a downloadable app, handy!

Hemmingway App

The Hemmingway app, like Grammarly, will help flag errors within your writing. However, this tool also highlights lengthy and complex sentences, whilst giving your writing a grade and ongoing suggested changes.

It’ll flag sentence complexity, and suggest language changes and when you could use a simpler alternative.

It can be installed as a desktop app and works by applying color-coded highlights to your work, which you can click into and explore in more depth.

Check my Links

This browser add-on was designed for content editors, designers, and web developers. It will help check that the links you include within your content are active and don’t direct to a 404 error page.

You want the links you include to direct your readers to the correct place, whether this is an internal or external link. You can also use any broken links that you spot on an external website as an opportunity to promote use of your content.


There are SO many social media scheduling platforms out there, and we’ve tried many of them!

At the moment we’re using Sendible to manage and schedule social media posts. It connects with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, which saves us logging into each platform separately. It allows you to schedule in advance, in bulk and during peak times.

It also links up with your social media inboxes and pulls through notifications so you can see and respond within the platform.

Agency Analytics

This tool helps you to get a clear overview of how your business’s digital communications and marketing channels are performing. It integrates with lots of other apps from social media to SEO to Google Analytics, so you can track the metrics that matter to you.

It’ll also compare your performance to the month prior or a custom time period, so you can evaluate progress.

Want to know more?

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