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Reporting and reconciliation made simple for an award-winning FinTech platform

A new website to capture interested leads in their target markets

Kani Payments is an award-winning reconciliation and reporting platform specifically designed for FinTech and Payments companies. The team approached us to create a new website for them, with the main aim of capturing interested leads in their target markets.

The foundations of the Kani brand had already been set in stone, we worked within the current brand guidelines to develop a new website that worked more inline with their core message and approach. The minimal yet bold aesthetic allowed us to ensure clarity of message throughout the website.

With a complicated platform to sell, we supported the team to simplify their messaging to focus on the value of the work they do. Elements such as animated GIFs and engaging content give enough information to intrigue, but without information overload! Case studies and testimonials across the site also work to provide social proof and build trust.