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Mental health education through storytelling

  • Game Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Portal Design


Mortal Fools’ ‘Melva’ is the story of a young girl learning about and facing anxieties, trauma and bereavement, otherwise known as ‘Worrits’ – the encapsulating performance teaches young children about the importance of mental health. Since the pandemic meant that in-school productions could no longer take place, Mortal Fools needed a way to continue to help children whilst teaching resumed from home. The solution was a browser-based game.


Mortal Fools


Health & Wellbeing


  • Bespoke Browser Game Build
  • Character & Environment Design
  • Marketing Support
  • Bespoke Website Design
  • Website Development

Melva has also become an online resource too, allowing schools and children the ability to access it whenever needed, and has already begun to become an exciting activity for both children at home and in classrooms, with over 70 schools using it so far!


With a completely new story from Mortal Fools, we were tasked with creating designs for each of the characters from the play, as well as interactive backgrounds with clickable elements and mini-games. We created a bespoke website to accommodate project as well as allowing users and schools to sign up.

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