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Oliver Deacon Coaching

Executive coaching for finance directors.


  • Website Design
  • UX and UI Design
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Web Development

Oliver Deacon is a former Microsoft Finance Director and an accredited executive leadership and innovation coach for finance leaders and professionals across the globe. Through individually tailored finance leadership coaching programs, Oliver empowers Finance Directors, CFOs and leaders with the key tools and guidance they need to take greater control over their career.

A mockup showing the Oliver Deacon Coaching website
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A hand holding a phone showing an Instagram post from Oliver Deacon Coaching

We worked closely with Oliver to develop a strategy that would ensure he stood out in a saturated industry. We created a bespoke website that not only elevated his services but firmly put him at the forefront of his brand.

A laptop on a desk showing the Oliver Deacon Coaching website
An image showing the Oliver Deacon Coaching website with a grid overlay
An iPad on a table showing the Oliver Deacon Coaching website

Once Oliver’s brand direction was agreed, we began to bring every touchpoint inline to ensure consistency and a high profile professional aesthetic. From tone of voice to infographic styling, every aspect was scrutinised to help create a brand that Oliver could be proud of.

A screenshot of Oliver Deacon's LinkedIn page with assets that Vida Creative designed
The words 'The world of finance is changing. Get ready' on a navy blue blackground
A picture of Oliver Deacon
An image showing three different Oliver Deacon Coaching instagram posts