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6 Marketing Tactics to Help You Attract the Best Talent

Growing your business is an exciting prospect, it could mean a new premises, adding a service, more clients or breaking into a new sector.

To enable successful growth, you’re probably going to need the support of an extended team. Naturally, this means you’ll be on the lookout for the best talent.

It’s important to bring in the right people, who align with your values and goals. The process can be lengthy, but the good news is, there are a few marketing tactics that can help. We’re sharing 6 tips to help your growing business attract the best talent.

Write a brilliant job advert

Now there are people out there that would argue job ads aren’t ‘marketing’, but we disagree. Yes, the job role should be clear, but so should what your business can offer.

This is often the first chance someone will have to read about the inner workings of your business, the perfect opportunity to showcase how brilliant you are to work for.

You should inject personality into the copy, where appropriate, to spark interest. The values of your team should shine through too, so someone can gauge whether they like what they are reading enough to put in an application.

Create SEO optimised landing pages

Your website effectively gives your potential employees an impression of your business. So, ensuring the content reflects your business correctly is a good place to start.

Outline why you do what you do and what your goals are. Showcase your previous projects and achievements, so potential employees can see what you do and the types of things they’d be working on.

If you’re going to be regularly recruiting, you could create an optimised careers landing page. This can help your business show up when potential employees are searching for jobs in your sector.

Build your organic social posts

Like your website, your social media pages give potential employees an impression of your company. Post regular content that accurately showcases elements like:
– your achievements
– current and past projects
– values
– current team
– behind the scenes

As well as attracting likeminded people, this is an ideal way to build brand awareness. If people resonate with your posts, they’re more likely to remember you and get in touch.

Use adverts

Start by posting your job on LinkedIn to create awareness. If you’re having little success, you can then move on to using targeted LinkedIn adverts to attract the best talent.

Define your audience to make sure your adverts reach the correct people with the right skills. Remember, it’s the design as well as the copy you use that will make your company stand out in a crowded job market.

Manage your brand on review sites

Someone who’s interested in applying for a role at your business is likely to look for reviews. We don’t just mean reviews from your clients, they’ll be checking out sites like Glassdoor to see what previous and current employees have said.

It’s important to keep an eye on all client and employee reviews and make an effort to respond to them, especially if there’s a negative one. You can’t always prevent negative reviews, what matters is how you handle it and respond.

Reach out via email

If you have a regular newsletter, there’s no harm in highlighting that your business is growing and you’re on the lookout for new team members.

You could even send out a separate update email about your business’ growth, including a snippet about expanding the team. Someone in your contact list may be the right person or they may know someone who’d be a great fit.

It always feels better to be introduced to someone through an existing contact after all.

Need help with marketing tactics for your growing business?

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