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How to Create Original Marketing Ideas for Your Tech Company

Stand out from an often-overcrowded marketplace with these original marketing ideas.

Being seen as original is one of the biggest challenges when marketing for tech companies. You want to showcase your innovative product and stand out from an often-overcrowded marketplace. This is easier said than done.

Over time, you may run dry or lack inspiration on your marketing ideas – it happens to the best of us! So here are some tips to spark some original marketing ideas for tech companies out there.

Get your team involved (not just marketing!)

You might have a team full of tech champions or engineers that have no interest in marketing or creating content. What they do have though, is a whole wealth of knowledge of their industry. They may have some left-field ideas for campaigns that’ll interest your customers, too.

Your company will always have one USP – your people – so get them involved.

Create helpful content

When it comes to Google, their ‘helpful content’ algorithm update in August 2022 puts even more of a focus on brands creating unique, helpful, people-first content. In short, creating content that is genuinely helpful to people can mean your company ranks better than others in Google. So, where will you go to come up with original tech marketing ideas?

Apart from looking at what others are doing (so you can differentiate in the first place), look to the inner workings of your company! Generating original ideas is all about asking the right questions.

Here are a few tips on how to engage your team in the ideas process:

Interactive workshops

Hold a few interactive workshops throughout the year, it’s a great way to come up with new ideas. Give your team advance warning so they can prepare some comments to bring to the table.

You can go old school and use a whiteboard, or if your team are remote, Miro boards work just as well. Being collaborative is a great way to generate new marketing ideas for tech companies. It allows you all to bounce ideas around and build on them as a team.

Quick tip: If you have several topics you want to cover, plan a timeline for the session to make sure you stay on track.

Keep your team up to date

Keep your wider team up to date with the company’s marketing activity. And, more importantly, show the impact of it. Include any relevant stats gathered in a monthly or quarterly report. This shows the progression and performance of your marketing, and highlights how their ideas have had a positive impact.

Ongoing updates also give people the chance to contribute with more follow-up ideas to try. Plus, it’s always helpful to get opinions from outside the marketing team to spark creative thoughts.

Spark a personal interest

Ask team members what interests them about their job – it’s a good opportunity to inject some personality into your content. ‘Meet the team’ posts always do well and connect with customers/clients on a personal level.

Marketing for tech companies, like any company in any sector, should have emotion. This can help your audience connect to you as a brand and as a business, showing your human side.

Base your content on your customers

If you have customer service teams, ask them about the questions your clients and customers have, and base your content around them. This will ensure you identify and address customer pain points in your content – and therefore make it more appealing.

If the content is useful for your audience, they will engage with it more, which will encourage a boost in your website traffic and Google rankings.

Example content you could create is downloadable guides, tips, and thought leadership pieces on things that your company knows a lot about.

Release content regularly, and you’ll keep people returning to your website, and have lots to talk about on social media. You can also repurpose it for things like advertorials too.

Need help marketing your tech company?

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