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The safe way to get back to business


  • Branding
  • Bespoke Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Strategy

Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, Agilis offered a tailored, integrated end to end solution to help businesses reopen safely, with additional high quality services. Their accurate COVID-19 screening programme is administered by healthcare professionals. We have worked with Agilis on developing their brand, marketing strategy, design and build of a fully bespoke website design as well as helping with on-going support collateral.

The Agilis logo on a dark green background
Agilis business cards with the slogans 'Welcome your team back with ease' and 'Proven results, world class care'
A gif showing the brand guidelines for Agilis

We held a discovery workshop with the team at Agilis which allowed us to fully understand the team and the importance of the work they carry out. We identified the key values and helped form a tone of voice. As the name suggests, Agilis are flexible, fast and efficient in their approach. This goes for their business model, and for the services they provide to their customers. We created a website with this in mind, with clear and concise language, and a design style to match.

A mockup of Agilis information in an A4 booklet
An iPad mockup of the Agilis website homepage

The Agilis team have decades of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare space. With strong relationships in South Korea, they utilise the latest world-leading technology and techniques in the fight against Covid infection in the UK.

A laptop showing the customer's dashboard on the website
A designed images showing various screens of the customer's area of the website
A mockup of various instagram posts for Agilis