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Powerful video learning made easy


  • Brand Identity Creation
  • UX Consultancy & UI Design
  • Front End Development
  • Website Design
  • Outsourced Marketing

We support the VEO team with everything from their brand identity, asset design, bespoke website design and development, web app UI design and front-end development, and strategic and tactical marketing activity. A true partnership.

A mockup of several presentation slides showing VEO's brand guidelines
VEO tagging mock up images for the purpose of design
VEO Instagram post mock ups

Following rapid growth into new global markets, the previous VEO brand no longer reflected the quality and value of the app. We evolved the brand look and feel, with a core focus on VEO’s target audiences, and with longevity in mind. We then rolled out the revived brand across the website, social media and all other online and offline marketing collateral.

A person using a laptop showing the VEO website
A hand holding a mobile phone showing the blog listing page on the VEO website
A screenshot of the homepage on the VEO website

The VEO app itself was redeveloped to improve user experience. We took the team through user journey mapping, resulting in refreshed UI designs for desktop and mobile formats. We also supported with front end development of the web app itself, creating new functionality to unlock more detailed video insights for VEO users.

A person using a laptop showing the video tagging screen on the VEO app while holding a mug
Someone in a car holding a phone showing the video tagging screen on the VEO app
A designed image featuring various screenshots of the VEO app