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Blu Sky

Reviving a well established local brand


  • Bespoke Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Office Interior Graphics
  • On-going Market Support
  • Marketing Collateral Design

Blu Sky is a firm of Chartered Accountants based in the North East. They’re a forward-thinking team with tech at the heart of what they do. Having worked with the team on their marketing for a while, we were delighted when they asked us to give their website an overhaul and refresh their wider brand, including some graphics for their office!

Blu Sky logo
A gif showing varies pages of a Blu Sky booklet that was created

We held a discovery workshop with the team which allowed us to fully understand Blu Sky, the team, their ideal clients and their brand values. The insights from this workshop informed the design style, and tone of the new content we produced for the website and updated marketing collateral.

A mockup showing various Instagram posts that were designed for Blu Sky
A picture of a small part of a mobile showing a Blu Sky testimonial

One of the main aims of the website redesign was the need to portray Blu Sky as approachable, fun, and more modern than the ‘typical’ accountancy firm, we updated the website content to portray the Blu Sky brand personality.

A person using an apple pencil on an iPad showing the Blu Sky website
A mockup of three mobile phones showing various parts of the Blu Sky website

We also helped organise new team and lifestyle photography to add that extra bit of personality to the new website and other marketing collateral. The graphics you can see in the background of these images were designed by us too.

A photograph of a Blu Sky employee
A photograph of Dave and Jon, the owners of Blu Sky, laughing in the street
A Blu Sky employee in front of a wall that features a graphic that was designed by Vida