Creativity During Uncertainty: Creative Waves Project

We definitely agree with the mantra that ‘creativity is good for the soul’ – which is why we decided to take part in Sail Creative’s community project: Creative Waves.

Creative Waves was set up as a way for everyone to express their thoughts during the current pandemic through artworks, photographs, poems, ideas, or just anything.

Everyone has been affected, and this has naturally brought out a lot of difficult feelings – some of which can be quite tough to comprehend. Getting creative has long been an effective method to express emotion and vent thoughts, so it’s no surprise that people have flocked to reflect their feelings through art and creation.

We allowed our minds to wander and create however we felt, and this is what we created…

‘Don’t Forget to Stretch’

Working from home means working where your comfort zone is, and it’s so easy to forget to get yourself up every once in a while (especially when the sofa is sooo comfortable)! Henry’s design reminds us to get up and stretch!

‘Stay Home’

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world right now, you’re more than likely needed to stay home to protect the lives of others. Dan’s design represents everyone doing exactly that!


With some products being harder to get hold of, it’s easy to feel a little guilty about buying an extra item or two when it’s for relatives who can’t go to the shop themselves.

Erin’s piece reflects on some of the panic buying we’ve been seeing in recent weeks.

‘Clap for the NHS’

And finally, a bonus design from Henry!

At a time like this, we’re especially grateful to all the NHS workers risking their health to protect others. #ThankYouHealthHeroes!

Get Creative

We love the idea of Creative Waves – creating from simply what we feel like, especially during this time.

To submit your own creative response to the covid-19 pandemic, click here.