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Fresh Picks: Art Installation and Photo Inspiration

6th March 2023


This month we’re covering sports marketing campaigns. Read on to find some of our favourites.

Gemma’s pick: Wembley Stadium’s Spanish Steps

In an exciting tribute to an incredible year of female sporting success, Leah Williamson, the Lionesses’ Captain, recently joined the unveiling of an art installation at Wembley Stadium’s Spanish Steps. The portrait of Helen Hardy, the founder of Manchester Laces, was revealed as a part of the National Lottery’s People’s Portraits campaign, to recognise and pay tribute to her significant contributions to women’s football. Manchester Laces is a football club that provides an inclusive community and a safe space for women and non-binary people to play football. The club was established by Helen in 2021, with funding from the National Lottery. The campaign’s focus is to support women in sports, highlight the success of female coaches, and inspire others to inspire the next generation. You can watch it here.

Dan’s pick: Formula 1 Exhibition

Ahead of the launch of the first official Formula 1 Exhibition, Hingston Studio have released details of the brand and visual identity system of the exhibition. The bespoke headline typefaces have all been created by the studio, as well as the branding and typography, the studio have also created a really cool website, wayfinding and exhibition graphics. You can see the website here, The exhibition opens this month in Madrid.

Georgie’s pick: Adidas Change is a Team Sport

For this sports marketing campaign, I’m choosing Adidas’ 2020 Change is a Team Sport. This campaign is paired back compared to other Adidas campaigns with a whimsical Wes Anderson feel. It takes place in a school-like setting with the uniform being black tracksuits and superstars. With a piano soundtrack and motivational narration by Jonah Hill, the ad has a star-studded cross-generational cast from around the world. The message is to the point and not unachievable. For change to happen, we must come together around the world no matter our age or status, working as a team. You can watch it here.

Ellen’s pick: British South Asian Footballers

Inzajeano Latif is a photographer with a passion for “giving a voice to marginalized communities and shining a light on their experiences.”

In my hunt for a sports-themed pick, I came across Inzajeano’s powerful photographic campaign around the alarmingly low British South Asian representation in the UK football league (0.77%, despite making up 8% of the UK population). On Inzajeano’s website, they share that “The Kick it Out campaign’s Sanjay Bhandari states that this underrepresentation indicates a systemic problem in football culture and calls on the FA, Premier League, and club scouts to do more to eliminate bias and stereotypes.”

It’s just one campaign in Inzajeano’s wider series of ‘Powerful images for powerful stories’ which I’d highly recommend checking out on their website

Image credit: Musa, Dawud and Adam by Inzajeano Latif