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Fresh Picks August: Skating Streetwear and Brands that Care

2nd September 2021

#Featured #FreshPicks

We’ve picked a whole range of powerful designs, including some local and national work. Along with brands who’re making a difference with impactful campaigns. We really hope that you enjoy reading our picks!

Dan’s Pick

It’s been an incredible summer of sport, and the recent 2021 Tokyo Olympics introduced a number of new competitions this year. One that caught my eye was the introduction of skateboarding, mainly because of some of the amazing streetwear on show. Nike SB fully embraced its sustainability initiatives with its skate kits made from 100 percent recycled polyester.

Designed in collaboration with Dutch artist Piet Parra, the uniforms utilised colour schemes and shapes that connect to the geographies of their respective countries. Each region’s jerseys were inspired by a sport linked to its country. Japan’s uniforms take the shape of baseball jerseys, a tennis polo represents France, Brazil’s attire utilises soccer jerseys, and basketball jerseys help outline the U.S. kit. From there, Parra has portrayed each country’s landscape on the jerseys through geometric shapes. Outstanding work, all round.

Jai’s Pick

The London based agency Run For The Hills has been working with Newcastle located Indian restaurant Khai Khai over the past year and a half. This work has included the logo, branding, typography, in-venue graphics, signage, website design as well as the complete interior design.

Run For The Hills were chosen for the project by restaurateur Jaf Ali, having worked together previously on his award-winning Dabbawal brand. Inspired by Indian culture and heritage, the agency has aimed to create a bold and sophisticated brand whilst adding an element of drama and magic to the interiors.

Henry’s Pick

This video barely needs an introduction. 100 top animators have contributed to this mesmerising 3D contraption! I couldn’t take my eyes of it, each submission is incredible in it’s own style and shows the true power of collaboration.

This incredibly creative community of 3D artists regularly take on challenges set by Clinton Jones. See more of them here or join the community on Patreon here:

Erin’s Pick

This month my fresh pick is Mood Tea – a tea brand designed to match your mood to a brew as well as campaign for and fund mental health organisations. The Australian tea brand was born out of the fact that for 15-44 year olds in the country, suicide is the leading cause of death. The product was created in collaboration between many creative, marketing and media companies in the country as well as being backed by corporate partners such as Google.

I really love the direction which has been taken on the packaging, the playful illustrations create an appealing look, and each pack reflects a different ‘mood’. I love the idea that the product really stands for a great cause and the fact that drinking tea itself, provides a great opportunity to pause, reflect or catch up with a loved one. I hope brands like this can really start to create change for issues such as battling a mental health crisis and funding organisations so they can provide the best service they can!

Matt’s Pick

We all like a trip to the pub, don’t we? It’s one of the Nation’s favourite pastimes. Throughout the pandemic, pubs have been some of the hardest-hit businesses, with lockdowns, capacity limits and reduced footfall all affecting landlords, staff, and breweries alike.

To help prevent this from happening again, Grey London created these BeerVax mats, encouraging punters to protect their locals by getting jabbed. The mats have been designed to emulate classic beer brand logos, including a tongue-in-cheek reference to Corona Extra. All in all, this is a pretty cool campaign for a great cause.

Gemma’s Pick

Technologist Jessica Rose has partnered with Class Central to create a free, online web development bootcamp and I wanted to shine a light on it as I wish I had found something like this when I was learning to code.

I’ve been following Jessica Rose on Twitter for a year or two after witnessing a very funny and captivating talk at a Front End Development Conference.

The program is practical, rather than theoretical, and will give students an introduction to web development, focusing on the two fundamental languages of the web: HTML and CSS, highlighting the important concerns in modern websites: visuals, accessibility, and responsive design, as well as using popular web layout models: CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get into web development and has the time!

Laura’s Pick

This month Sure has launched a new global campaign focused on challenging stereotypes which caught my eye. The 30-second TV advert, Watch me Move, highlights the fact that fear of judgement stops 1 in 2 people from moving. The advert, which was produced by U-Studio, aims to empower anyone who faces barriers, such as their confidence, race or perceived ability, to being active.

The advert is part of Sure’s Breaking Limits Programme, a long-term social mission which aims to equip and empower youngsters to embrace movement, without barriers, as well as the physical and mental benefits it can bring.