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Fresh Picks: Art From Above and Other Things We Loved

26th August 2020


We've noticed some really cool stuff kicking about recently... So here you go, these are the latest of our team's Fresh Picks that we just had to share. Featuring large scale outdoor art to packaging design from the archives.

We hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we did!

Jai: Social distancing according to Stella Artois

The start of July marked the reopening of pubs around the UK, allowing for people to finally reunite over a socially distanced pint. This resumption got designers thinking about how our outdoor areas could be adapted for the post lockdown world. London’s Old Truman Brewery was the scene of one such transformation thanks to a particularly colourful design for Stella Artois.


Studio Number One, the team assembled by the world famous street artist Shepard Fairey, were the artists behind this installation. The design features a combination of bright contrasting colours and flowing geometric patterns to create a depiction of a woman toasting a beer. These shapes in the design indicate where individuals can sit or stand in order to be a safe distance from each other whilst having fun at the same time.

I have been a fan of Shepard Fairey’s work since my graphic design days in Sixth Form so I was particularly pleased to see his studio being the team behind this very eye-catching and unprecedented work of art. It’s amazing to see the piece from a birds eye view which helps to capture the true essence of the installation. Meanwhile, at ground level, it certainly achieves its purpose of keeping members of the public safe in a way that they can still enjoy themselves together.

Dan: The Sainsbury’s Archives

For this month’s fresh pick, I’m looking back through The Sainsbury’s Archives.

The archives is a great design resource that allows users to engage and interact with digitised pieces of Sainsbury’s history. It features an array of packaging and imagery through the years, and I love seeing how things have transformed. Sometimes looking back at some of the design work of yesteryear can be a great tool to approach on the branding tasks we have today.

You can follow the archive with daily updates on Twitter here.

Erin: NYC hyperlapse

“What happens when everything in the world has been photographed? From multiple angles, multiple times per day?” is the question photographer Sam Morrison asks. The answer is his stunning hyperlapse videos, collated from hundreds of pictures found on Instagram.

His hyperlapse of New York City made waves on social media as the 1,272 hand-picked images take the viewer on a whirlwind tour of the Big Apple, passing all of the classic icons.

“Classics are classic for a reason. We’ve all taken these photos.” says Morrison, who used hashtags and the geolocation features on Instagram to piece together the video.

Although painstakingly all put together by one person, I love the sense of community within the piece. We’ve seen these places thousands of times on social media, in films, the news; however this truly really allows us to see all of these angles and interpretations at once and in quick succession, with each frame being unique, yet telling the same story.

Katie: Every minute of the day

It’s mind-blowing to think about the oodles and oodles of activity that goes on online these days, for want of a better phrase… Especially during this pandemic! We’ve been spending considerably more time indoors and relying more on technology to keep us connected and that’s why this infographic by Domo really caught my eye this month.

Domo release a ‘data never sleeps’ update every year, but this one includes some pretty shocking statistics. For instance, every minute(!):
– Users post 347, 222 stories on the ‘gram
– WhatsApp users share 41, 666, 667 messages
– And Microsoft Teams connect 52, 083 users – very pandemic-esque!

But as well as finding the info interesting, I love the way the data is presented. It makes some huge numbers much easier to absorb and get your head around.

If you’re interested, you can view the whole project here.

And that’s everyone!

We’ll be back with more Fresh Picks next month. But until then, we’ll be sharing some nice things to look at over on our Instagram. Go on, give us a follow here.