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In the Loop: April Marketing Round-Up

30th April 2019


A collection of interesting updates from the world of marketing and social media from the past month. April 2019, let’s go!

Changes are happening every single day in the fast-moving world of marketing, so we’re going to be rounding up a couple of our favourites every month so you can stay in the loop too.

LinkedIn reported record levels of engagement

Microsoft (owners of LinkedIn) released their quarterly report which showed that LinkedIn revenue grew by 27%, as well as getting record levels of engagement and job postings. Pretty impressive!

LinkedIn started using post reactions

You may have spotted this one already: LinkedIn has jumped on the post reaction bandwagon that Facebook began in 2016. They haven’t even tried to cover the fact they’ve copied the idea by naming it something different – but with the impressive engagement stats they’ve just reported, we’re not sure it really matters!

Snapchat announced a new partnership with Shopify

The main update here is that Shopify merchants will now be able to purchase, create and launch Snapchat ads directly through Shopify’s platform, as they can already for Facebook and Google ads.

In their article about the update, Shopify said “We know that marketing is extremely important for businesses on our platform, so it’s our goal to make ad buying and content creation as simple as possible.”

Facebook added 3D photo posting options

Although it hasn’t seen a massive amount of traction yet, you can now post 3D photos through Facebook Stories as well as on the News Feed. Facebook also announced that they’re rolling out 3D photo creation on newer Android devices, where it was only previously available on iPhone.

Twitter will test hiding replies

The ‘hide reply’ option was spotted in testing on Twitter last month, and they’ve just confirmed that they’ll be ‘experimenting’ with it from June, the idea being to make people feel safer when using the platform.

Twitter reduced the number of people you can follow per day

Gone are the days of following hundreds of accounts one day, seeing if they follow you back, then unfollowing them a couple of days later (well, we thought they were long gone anyway but hey ho!). To try to cut down on spammers, Twitter has limited the maximum number of new accounts that their users can follow to 400 per day.

Well, that’s it for this month’s round-up! If you enjoyed reading about the latest updates that have been taking place across some of the social channels recently, there’ll be more where that came from next month. Stay tuned.

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