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In the Loop: June Marketing Round-Up

2nd July 2019


June has been a busy month in the world of digital marketing, let us update you with some of our favourite news!

So, June has come and gone, and you know what that means – it’s time for our June Marketing Round-Up! It’s been a busy month in the world of digital marketing, so, let us update you with some of our favourite news!

CALM launched a new street campaign

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) have launched a street campaign aiming to eradicate the stigma attached to reaching out for help from mental health services. The campaign uses out-of-home billboards to capture the attention of passers-by every time someone rings their helpline. The billboard makes an alert sound to signal someone calling them for help, and then switches to a ‘call in progress’ screen to show how many people are reaching out in real time, with the aim of normalising the service. We think the campaign involves a clever use of technology and we really hope it helps to eliminate the stigma attached to reaching out to mental health services.

Corona’s socially responsible packaging

As part of the single-use plastic revolt, Corona are considering their corporate social responsibility and are helping reduce the plastic used in the beer industry and the damage it causes to the environment. They’ve developed a threaded stacking method for their new style of can which allows the consumer to attach one to another without any other materials – especially plastic! These ‘Corona Fit Packs’ offer much more versatility in terms of quantity – you can add up to 10 in a stack! We love this innovative design approach and we really hope it, and the ‘build your own pack’ marketing approach, takes off and benefits the environment!

Take a look:

The death of homepage sliders

June brought new research on the effectiveness of homepage sliders. According to research carried out by Harrison Jones, carousels, also known as sliders, are bad for search engine optimisation (SEO) and bad for usability. Whereas once popular, this could mark the end of an era for homepage sliders!

Read the full report by Search Engine Land

Burger King ad won Cannes prize

We love Burger King’s ‘The Whopper Detour’ campaign, launched to push the new order-ahead feature of their redesigned mobile app. Essentially, the app uses geo-fencing to sell Whopper burgers “at” McDonalds for just one cent, for a limited time. The promotion can be unlocked when you’re within 600 feet of McDonald’s, Burger King’s biggest competitor. The innovative campaign resulted in them winning a Cannes Lion! Impressive! We can certainly see how using geo-fencing in this clever marketing campaign helps to capture audience interest and direct traffic away from their competition!

Watch it here:

Unilever disposed of brands that “don’t stand for something”

Alan Jope, the new President of Unilever, has suggested that he will slowly phase out any brands that lack purposeful messaging from under their brand. As an ex-marketer, Jope believes it’s important that all brands under Unilever are achieving purpose-driven goals to match Unilever’s own high standards and honest approach to marketing that he fears these brands could jeopardise.

Of course, he’s right! Content marketing is all about having an authentic story to tell. Your story gives you a central message about what you stand for that you can communicate through your marketing. It creates brand consistency with authentic, coherent brand messages. If you’re clear about what your brand stands for, you’re more likely to attract customers with the same core values!

Santander mixed up its branding focus

Santander’s new marketing campaign launched on 3rd June. It uses humour in the form of popular TV duo, Ant and Dec, to provide some useful marketing insights and show the customer how Santander can help them, as a customer. Ant and Dec’s approaches to banking are rather out-there, but Santander then offers more tangible solutions. We think this shift in Santander’s branding focus will help to differentiate them from their competition and their more formal marketing campaigns.

Take a look here:

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