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In the Loop: May Marketing Round-Up

31st May 2019


Here’s the latest round-up of our favourite updates from the world of digital marketing over the last month.

So it’s the end of May already – where did the time go!? Here’s the latest round up of our favourite updates from the world of digital marketing in the last month.

Tap London Released Their Summer Marketing Campaign

After the incredible success of the Mayor of London’s ‘Tap London’ winter rough sleeping campaign, raising over £247,000 to change the lives of homeless people, the new summer initiative has been launched.

We love the bright and bold new design used on the contactless card donation points around London – let’s hope it raises even more money for this amazing cause. Find out more about the Tap London campaign.

Instagram started hiding likes (we know!?)

Yep that’s right, Instagram have started testing hiding likes for users in Canada. It hasn’t been rolled out across the whole platform just yet, but reports indicate that it’s testing the functionality on a whole lot of users. You can still see how many likes you get but your followers can’t.

We think this could be a hugely positive change for the platform and if it’s rolled out it’ll be interesting to see how it changes the types of content that influencers and brands post.

Lush stopped using their social accounts

Ok, so this actually happened at the end of April but we thought it was too interesting not to include! Lush have stopped using their main social media accounts in favour of creating the #LushCommunity, putting content creation in the hands of their local shops, customers and brand ambassadors.

They’re focusing their efforts on their website, Lush player and Lush Labs app. It’s always best to focus your efforts on what works when it comes to marketing, so we hope this will prove to be a positive move for the brand.

LinkedIn Improved its Video Marketing Metrics

LinkedIn have teamed up with Moat analytics to help marketers get a better idea of how their video ads are performing in terms of their bottom line.

If you haven’t already, think about getting your business onto the LinkedIn video marketing hype, because LinkedIn members spend almost 3x more time watching video ads compared to time spent with static Sponsored Content. If you’d prefer not to use ads, try integrating video content into your organic LinkedIn strategy and see if you notice a difference in engagement.

Google displayed 30 first page search results

This one’s just for a bit of fun. We came across an article where a developer had 30 search results displayed on the first page of his Google search rather than the usual 10. We’re not exactly expecting this to be a common occurrence, but you never know.

Well, that’s it for this month’s round-up! If you enjoyed reading about the latest updates taking place across the digital marketing world recently, there’ll be more where that came from next month. Stay tuned.

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