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5 Independent Shop Brands We’re Loving Right Now

19th May 2020


We got our heads together and have collated just 5 of our favourite independent shop brands from across the country. Prepare to be wow-ed!

Through Tyne Collective we’ve been able to chat to lots of indie businesses in the north east, which got us thinking about some of the lovely local brands we’re fans of from elsewhere too.

We got our heads together and have collated just 5 of our favourite independent shop brands from across the country. Prepare to be wow-ed!

1. We Built This City

We Built This City is an independent souvenir shop in London.

It started as a pop-up shop on Carnaby Street back in 2014 and has since come to be a permanent feature of the area. It sells a collection of artwork and products from more than 250 ‘homegrown’ creatives.

Their products showcase some amazing design work and we really appreciate the geometric branding. But we especially love the shop’s window graphics. The designs are super eye-catching for tourists but it keeps the locals interested too. Just ask Dan! He enjoyed seeing the changing shop fronts when he lived down in London.

2. Present & Correct

We’re big fans of Present & Correct’s minimalistic, black and white branding. No surprises there…!

Their sleek lines and professional photography make for a vvvv satisfying brand.

They also have a pretty awesome social media presence. Erin loves their Twitter account – they mainly post collections of designs but every now and again they post stuff that does make us chuckle!

3. Thali Tray

Now these guys are part of Tyne Collective (and you should totally check out their voucher shop!).

Thali Tray is an Indian Street Food kitchen based in Newcastle, offering authentic Indian food with a contemporary influence.

We just love the stripped back, yet modern feel to their brand that really helps to represent the authenticity of their food. Which is amazing by the way!

4. Fred Aldous

Fred Aldous is another brand we think is pretty neat. They’re a craft shop offering “everything you need to make anything.”

We love how creativity takes the lead in every aspect of what they do, including their branding! It really represents what they’re all about.

5. Unlimited

Last but not least we have Unlimited, an independent design shop and gallery in Brighton.

Not only do we love their work, but we rate their bold, arty branding too. It’s definitely eye-catching and immediately gives you a flavour of what they do.

And there you have it – our favourite independent shop brands!

Feeling inspired?

Branding is something we love to do, especially when we see the difference it can make to your business.

Your brand determines how your customers perceive you, and ultimately influences their buying decisions. That’s why it’s so important that it reflects the fantastic work you’re doing.

If you’ve got a project in mind, get in touch and our team will be happy to talk through your ideas.

And if you’re the North East, please do check out Tyne Collective! We’re so pleased that we’re able to lend a helping hand to our community of incredibly talented local businesses.

Plus, there are some pretty amazing deals to be had on the voucher shops!