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What’s your marketing mantra?

18th March 2019


Going back to your roots is the first step in creating a mantra that’ll get everyone in your business on the same page when it comes to marketing the brand.

Just about every business owner will be able to relate to this struggle… The task of distilling what your business does into a few words.

Once you’ve got it down, its amazing. But we write content for a living so we do know it can initially be a pretty hard task to complete, let alone to get right.

Yes, we can all spend hours explaining what we do and why – because you’re the founder of your business baby and no one knows your business better than you, right?

But (and we hate to break it to you) at the beginning of their buying cycle your potential customers don’t really care. They just want to know how you’re going to make their world a better place.

If you’re feeling a little lost when it comes to getting your marketing messaging right, having a solid mantra is a great starting point…

So what is a marketing mantra?

Your marketing mantra is just like a personal one, but for your business rather than yourself. Put simply, it’s an internal brand positioning statement.

There aren’t any rules for how long your statement should be, because no business is the same. It can be a short sentence or a few bullet points. The most important thing to remember is that it sums up your brand and what it stands for in a relatable and concise way.

Is a marketing mantra the same as a tagline?

Well, no. To make it a little clearer, here are a couple of things that a marketing mantra isn’t:

Your brand’s tagline or slogan

Your mantra might be reflected in your tagline or slogan but these are customer-facing statements. Your marketing mantra is an internal statement.

Marketing messaging and content

Your content will be informed by your mantra, but it’s not the content itself.

Why is having a mantra important for business?

Let us put something to you…

If you don’t have any idea what your business stands for, how is anyone else going to have a hope of understanding what you do?

Your internal marketing mantra acts as the basis for everything that you do as a business. It can inform how your brand is presented publicly, how your people conduct themselves day-to-day, and can help you make important business decisions too.

When everyone in your business is invested in the mantra, things like creating your marketing strategy and deciding on the content you’re going to share across your website and social channels will be much simpler.

What makes a good brand positioning statement?

Authentic and unique to your business

You might provide the same services or products as many other businesses, but there will be things that set you apart from your competitors. Find what that is and make sure that your mantra reflects this.

Inspiring and motivating

You want the people that work for you to be passionate about what they do. It’ll come across in every aspect of your marketing whether that’s in face-to-face meetings or in the content you’re sharing. So give your employees something to shout about!

Timeless and repeatable

By its very nature, a mantra is something that’s repeated and reinforced. An inauthentic statement or something that doesn’t have any meaning behind it probably isn’t going to resonate and will be difficult to implement in practice. This is why it’s important to take the time to think about it carefully.

How can I find my marketing mantra?

This is where the hard work comes in. Finding your marketing mantra is like doing a big spring clean of your house. It has to get messier while you’re clearing the cupboards, but once it’s tidied away you feel better about knowing where everything is again.

To find your mantra you need to dig deep. Go back to the roots of your business and rediscover why you do what you do, who your ideal customers are and how you’d like them to feel about your brand.

Let’s find your mantra

Going back to your roots is the first step in creating a mantra that’ll get everyone in your business on the same page when it comes to marketing the brand.

If you’re ready to get involved in some digging, we’re ready to help.

Contact for a chat about where you want your marketing to take you.