Kani Payments

Bringing personality to an established brand

We’d known of Kani Payments for a while before we started working together - as an exciting startup, quickly turned scaleup, in the FinTech space. After a period of growth, Kani approached us to design and build a new website and redevelop the content to bring more personality to their established brand.

What we did

  • Bespoke Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Animations
The Challenge

Kani's software makes life simple for its users

One of the main drivers of the website redesign was the need to portray that Kani’s software makes life simple for its users, without downplaying the sheer number of complex tasks that it can do in a matter of minutes.

Simplifying the complexities

We held a discovery workshop with the team which allowed us to fully understand Kani, the team, their ideal clients and the complexities of its software. As well as portraying this in a simple but interesting way for its users, the Kani team were keen to reflect the support that their experienced team give to their customers over and above the software. So whilst the content focuses on the problems Kani solves and the benefits of that for its users, there’s also a bit of fun in there too!

Bringing the designs to life through animation

We also produced animations to bring interest into the clean and fresh design, and clearly demonstrate how Kani takes complicated tasks and simplifies them without having to go into lots of detail.