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The Honest Diver

Everything you love about your local dive centre


  • Bespoke Website Design
  • Website Development
  • E-commerce Platform

The Honest Diver required a brand new website which better reflects their unique brand and ultimately convinces customers to buy from their trustworthy dive centre. The ethos of the business is to bring the vibe of your local dive centre to your home.

The Honest Diver provides honest and down to earth reviews on a whole host of eco-friendly diving products. The website went beyond regular online shops by containing information from diving experts.

Screenshots of The Honest Diver website
A person typing on a macbook showing The Honest Diver website

The Honest Diver team have decades of diving experience behind them. They didn’t want to be a faceless online scuba gear website so we brought their personality front and centre of the site. The team wanted to promote the ability for customers to get in touch and ask questions about the products available, so users can find that perfect piece of dive gear!

A mockup showing two phones with different parts of The Honest Diver website on
A screenshot of a product page on The Honest Diver website